The botany department was established in the year 1964.It has grown over the years and been one of the most well equipped department in the college. At present there are 9(nine) faculty members and 3 (three) laboratory staffs. The total intake capacity of students in the 1st,3rd and 5th semesters is around 750 (seven hundred and fifty ) students in 2012-13 academic session.


  • To produce well discipline, qualified students with proficient knowledge in the field of Botany.
  • To make students aware of the local flora in the context of the region being one of the Biodiversity hotspots in the country.
  • To impart knowledge on the importance of conserving natural environment and the hazardous effects of ecological imbalances and global warming.

Courses offered :-

  • B.Sc.(Pass)
  • B.Sc.(Honours)

Papers taught:-

  1. Plant taxonomy and classification.
  2. Studies on different plant groups, Algae, Fungi, Bryophytes, Pteridophytes .Gymnosperms and Angiosperms.
  3. Microbiology, microbial diversity, microbes and human welfare.
  4. Plant physiology.
  5. Biotechnology.
  6. Palynology.
  7. Paleobotany
  8. Plant breeding and genetics.
  9. Biometrics (Biostatistics)
  10. Ecology and plant geography.
  11. Biochemistry.
  12. Molecular Biology.
  13. Anatomy of Angiosperms.
  14. Cytology.
  15. Computer concepts and application;Bioinformatics.
  16. Applied botany and Ethnobotany.Plant pathology and disease management.
  17. Plant resources,management and utilization.
  18. Plant embryology.
  19. Vegetation and Natural resources.

Faculty members:-

  1. N.Raghumani singh.M.Sc.HOD
    Teaching Experiance 35 Yrs.
    Area of Specialisation - Plant physiology.
  2. Dr.L.Joyraj Singh.
    Area of specialisation-Microbial physiology,Biochem-Genetics.
  3. W.Memchoubi Devi.M.Sc.Ass.Prof.
    T.E.-33 Yrs.
    Area of specialisation-Plant Pathology.
  4. S.Subadani Devi.
    Area of specialisation.Algae
  5. Dr.L.Inakhunbi Devi.
    T.E.24 Yrs.
    Area of specialisation .Plant Ecology.
  6. Th.Sunita Devi.
    Area of Specialisation.Green algae.
  7. Th.Griharani Devi.
    T.E.1ST Years.
    Area of Specialisation –Ecology.
  8. U.Nonita Devi.
    T.E.1ST Years.
    Area of Specialisation-Plant pathology.
  9. M.Haripriya Devi.
    T.E.1ST Years.
    Area of Specialisation-Plant pathology.
  10. W.Shanti Devi.
  11. H.Bimola Devi.

Other Activities of the Deptt:-

  • The department regularly organises and conducts field organises and conducts field study Trips at different locations in and outsides the state.
  • The department fully cooperates and assist the activities of the Manipur college Environmental club.
  • The faculty members of the department are the members of varies committees of the college.




Manipur College was established on 25th May 1958. Pre University (Sc.) course was started from the academic session 1964 with the appointment of science teacher, Shri V.B. Oswal M.Sc. (Chemistry). The permission to start B.Sc. (Course) was issued by the G.U. vide letter No. G/AFF/42/69/5479, dt. 23/5/69. Accordingly admission to B.Sc. pass course started in the academic year 1969-70. At present, 3 year  B.Sc. (Gen./ Hons.) (Semester Course under M.U.) is undergoing at Chemistry Department.


  • To acquaint the students with the different branches of Chemistry:
  • Inorganic, Organic, Physical, Analytical, Biochemistry etc.
  • To enable the learners to work effectively and safely in a chemistry laboratory
  • To develop skills of analyzing chemical problems.
  • To promote Information Commutation Technology (ICT) enabled learning in chemistry
  • To prepare them for careers in chemistry after graduation.

3. Course offered in Chemistry Department:

  • B.Sc. (Pass Course)
  • B.Sc. (Honours Course)

4. Papers offered/ taught:
(a)  First Semester:

  • CH-101:–     Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Physical Chemistry
  • CH-101P:–     Practical (Inorganic Experiments)

(b)  Second Semester:

  • CH-202:–     Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Physical Chemistry
  • CH-202P:–     Practical (Organic Experiments)

(c)  Third Semester:

  • CH-303:–     Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Physical Chemistry
  • CH-303P:–    Practical (Physical Experiments)

(d)  Fourth Semester:

  • CH-404:–     Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Physical Chemistry
  • CH-404P:–     Practical (Analytical Experiments)

(e)  Fifth Semester

  • CH-505:–     Inorganic Chemistry
  • CH-506:–     Organic Chemistry
  • CH-507:–    Physical Chemistry
  • CH-508P:–     Inorganic and Physical Chemistry

(f)  Sixth Semester

  • CH-608:–     Inorganic Chemistry
  • CH-609:–     Organic Chemistry
  • CH-610:–     Physical Chemistry
  • CH-611P:–     Organic and Physical Chemistry

5. Faculty Profile:

Sl.No Name Area of Specialisation Teaching Experience

Shri S. Nabakishwar Singh
M.Sc. M.Phil. (Assoc. Prof.), H.O.D.

Physical Chemistry 31 years

Ms. R.K. Tamphasana Devi
M.Sc. (Assoc. Prof.)

Physical Chemistry 31 years

Mrs. H. Memcha Devi
M.Sc. (Assoc. Prof.)

Oragnic Chemistry 30 years

Mrs. K. Nirmola Devi
M.Sc. (Assoc. Prof.).

Organic Chemistry 30 years

Mrs. M. Manglembi Devi
M.Sc. (Assoc. Prof.)

Organic Chemistry 30 years

Shri Y. Iboyaima Singh
M.Sc. M.Phil. (Asst. Prof.)

Organic Chemistry 11 years

Dr. N. Ibenoubi Devi
M.Sc. Ph.D. (Part time Lect.)

Inorganic Chemistry 15 years

Shri Y. Tejkumar Singh
M.Sc.  (Part time Lect.)

Physical Chemistry 11 years
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