The Department of Manipuri came into being in 1958when the college was established. The department at present, has 4 (four) regular and 2 (two) part-time teachers. The department offers both B.A General and Honours courses affiliated to Manipuri University.


  • To contribute towards the enrichment of Manipuri language and literature.
  • To preserve the uniqueness of Manipuri culture and folklore.
  • To safeguard the tradition of Manipuri literature from the ancient period down to the modern and study their relevance to contemporary times.
  • To acquaint with the literature or others languages apart from Manipuri literature.

The Department presently offers B.A Pass and B.A Honours.

First Semester – M.I.L (1) Sheireng, Wareng , Grammar amasung Composition.
                        ELECTIVE (11) Sheireng Amasung Shanda Alangkar
Second Semester- M.I.L (1) Dharma, Novel amasung Warimacha (Short Story)
                           ELECTIVE (11) Novel amasung Warimacha (Short Story)
Third Semester – Introduction to Linguistics and Manipuri Language.  
Fourth Semester - Shahitya Neinarol ( Literary Criticism)

PAPER TAUGHT IN B.A (Honours) Manipuri
Fifth Semester- (i)  Kavya amasung Dharma (Poem and Drama)
                       (ii)  Bharatki Anubad Sahitya (Translation of Indian Literature)
                       (iii) Manipuri Sahityagi Itihas (History of Manipuri Literature)
Sixth Semester – (i)  Ariba Manipuri Sahitya (Old Manipuri Literature)
                         (ii)  Manipuri Culture
                         (iii) Folkloristics and Manipuri Folklore .


  1. Th. Tilotama Devi – M.A , M.Phil , Associate Professor
    Specialization - Meiteigi Phunga Wari Chhandrembi Cheisra Neinaba Ama
    Teaching Experience – 33 years
  2. K. Momon Devi- M.A , M.Phil , Associate Professor
    Specialization – Hijam Gunagi Upanyasshingda Utliba Manipuri Samaj Amasung Punsigi Shaktam
    Teaching Experience- 33 years
  3. Dr. Kh. Joychandra Singh – M.A, Ph.D , Associate Professor
    Specialization- Short Story of Manipuri Style and Technique
    Teaching Experience – 32 years
  4. Dr. N.Subhasini Devi – M.A , M. Phil, Ph.D , Associate Professor
    Specialization- Meitei Eponym: A Socio Cultural and Historic Structural Study
    Teaching Experience – 21 years
  5. Dr. Kh. Sobita Devi- M.A, Ph.D , part time Lecture
    Specialization – Rajkumar Shiltaljitki Sahityada Tariba Veisnab Dhramagi Mashak Neinaba
    Teaching Experience – 15 years
  6. Dr. P. Nolini Chanu – M.A, Ph.D, part time Lecture
    Specialization – Ariba Manipuri Sahityada Nupigi Shaktam
    Teaching Experience – 15 years


  1. Dr. Kh. Joychandra Singh, Associate Professor On Going U.G.C Sponsored minor Research Project “A Study of Religions and Cultural Symbols of Manipur”.


  1. Officer in-charge of Manipuri University exam center time to time.
  2. Team Manager of Inter University East Zone and All India Inter University of Manipur University.
  3. Sport In charge of Manipur College
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