It is one of the department, which contribute all its might in the smooth functioning of the college. The teaching faculties of this department are members of one committee or the other existing in the college for the smooth functioning of IQAC. Presently the department is manned by well-qualified and experienced faculty members specialized in different areas of Indian and world history at the academic level. In a way it is a department with potential for excellence, guiding the future career of its students by providing necessary inputs required for further academic studies.


The department's objectives are:-

  • First and foremost, the primary objective is to extend all possible help to our students in the form of teachings, tutorial, extra classes, providing all important notes, etc. to enable the students sail through successfully in their semester examination conducted by the University;
  • to provide at the degree’s level, a broad knowledge of Indian history from  ancient times to modern Indian history and contemporary history of India and the world;
  • to provide a broad knowledge of human history and particularly of the areas and themes of special concern to the department and modern approaches to its study through a suitably structured and balanced syllabus, and
  • to promote and encourage study on regional history hitherto unexplored areas, especially in Manipur through further studies on the same discipline and faculty members' research.

Courses offered:

Presently the department offers courses for B.A. General and Honours only.

Members of Faculty:

Head: Dr.  L. Haokholet

Assistant Professor:

  • Dr L. Haokholet (SS)
  • Dr. Sheikhohao Kipgen (SS)
  • Smt. Y. Sarda Devi (SS)
  • Smt. Purnima Devi (SS)

Part-time Lecturers:

  • S. Ranjan (M.Phil)
  • Sanatombi Devi (M.Phil)

Its contribution:
In the almost five decades of its existence the History Department of Manipur has been playing its role in meeting the mandate of the University in its undergraduate programmes.  The Department has over the years provided research reading materials for faculty researchers and students on the history, polity and societies of North-East India in general and Manipur in particular.
In recent years North-East India particularly Manipur is one of the thrust area of the studies conducted by the Department as per the University syllabus and guidelines.
The Department faculty is also engaged in research activities by taking up various minor research projects under the guidelines/scheme of UGC. Apart from their normal duty in college some of faculty members are also engaged in taking classes for civil service aspirants and ST/SC special coaching programmes.