Evaluative Report of Department of Geography

1. Name of the department


2. Year of Establishment


3. Name of Programmes/Courses Offered

B.A/B.Sc. Degree Programmes
General and Honours

4. Names of Interdisciplinary courses and departments involved

Mathematic, Physics Pol Sc, Hist, Education, Manipuri and Philosophy

5. Annual/Semester/Choice Based credit system(programme wise)

Semester System and Choice Base Credit system for Under Graduate

6. Participation of the department in the courses offered by other departments


7. Courses in collaboration with other universities, industries, foreign institutions, etc.


8. Details of courses/programmes discontinued(if any) with reasons


9. Number of teaching posts sanctioned and filled



Not filled




10. Faculty Profile






Ak. Priyokumars Singh

M.A, M.Phil.

Associate Professor

Pop. Settlement

29 years

Dr. Janatun Begum

MA, PhD.

Assistant Professor

Regional Planning & Development Geography

12 years

Nanjest Thongbam

( ICAR), Phd Scholar.

Assistant Professor

Geomorphology & Sediments Analysis,.

4 years in present post.
9 years in previous engagements

Dr. L Vijaykumar Singh

R.K. Amul Sena

Dr. RK.. Binarani Devi

M.A., PhD.

M.A. M.Phil.

M.Sc. Ph. D.

Part Time

Part Time

Historical Geography

Environment Geog.
Environmental Science

20 years


15 Years

10 Years.

11. List of senior visiting faculty


12. Percentage of lecture delivered and practical classes handled(programme wise)


13. Student Teacher Ratio (programme wise)

Under graduate


14. Number of academic support staff
      (technical and administrative)

One  Lab Attendent

15. Qualifications of teaching faculty

PhD – 3 with M.Phil-2
Post Graduate Diploma in Planning & Mgt. (MTech). plus  NET(ICAR)(1)

16. Number of faculty with ongoing projects   from (a) National (b) International funding agencies and grants received

Conservation of artifacts from Imphal Kangla
Departments of arts and culture GoM. Direct funding from State Archaeology, Kangla

17. Departmental projects funded by DST-
      FIST, DBT, ICSSR, etc. and grants      received


18. Research Centre/Facility recognized by  the University


19. Publications:

a- Publication per faculty.
b. No of papers published.
c.  No pub listed in international database
d. Monographs
e Chapter in books
e Books edited
f. Citation index

1. Dr. Janatun Begum  a- 5 , e -1
2. Nanjest Thongbam   a - 3    e – 1,


20. Areas of Consultancy and Income generated.









Nanjest Thongbam.
1. Initiated concept & design for secondary and higher secondary National Children Science Congress, attained best ½ in 17th NCSC 2009, best 25 in 18th NCSC, 2010
2. Assistance to Science Teacher Forum.
3. Assistance to Manipur State Archaeology, Deptt of Arts & Culture in Excavations and Explorations.
4. Providing scientific assistance in characterization of Manipuri Pony
 for compilation of gazette notification of State Government through Manipur Horse Riding and Polo Association.
5. Asst. Editor for the Souvenir publication on International polo tournaments.
5. Resource person to community awareness programme in WLS ( IBS) under Rufford Short Grant Foundation

21. Faculty as member in
National Committee NA
International Committee NA
Editorial Board NA

22. Student project. NA
23 Award and recognition.- NA
24 List of eminent academician and scientist/Visitor to the department
Prof. Joykumar  former Dean & Head History Department MU
25 Sem. Conf.


26. Student Profile
Academic                       2011-12                  
1.BA /BSc. Ist Year
 Sem I-  Arts 48, Sc.13= 61-------
 Sem 11- Arts 86, Sc.13= 101
2. .BA /BSc. II ndYear
 III Sem Arts 40, Sc 12= 52                                        
 IV- Sem Arts- 98 Sc. 5= 103
3. .BA /BSc. IIIrd Year
( V & VI Semister)
 BA III rd years 6, 18 hons =24
V Sem Arts 17



27.  Diversity of students.
 -Students comprise of multi ethnic and religious groups. Majority of the students belongs to lower income status and OBC. Sex ratio is almost equal but in few classes male dominates. There are few students coming from other state.
28. How many students have cleared National and State comp. Exam.

NET- 1
CRPF Gen Duty 1
CDS - 1

29. Student Progression

Department have only graduate course.




30. Details of Infrastructural facilities











Arts – 112 Sc 23=135
Arts 105 Sc- 22=127

III sem Arts-98  
Arts 60. Sc – 6=66

 Sc – 1 Arts - 19 =20















(a)Geography Laboratory facility established since 1958-59 and thereby imparting practical knowledge as per syllabi for both General and Honours Courses for Science and Arts streams.

 (b) Departmental Library and Internet
and broadband network provided access to students. Book Bank provision for both teachers and students
© Small Repository for Minerals and rare artifacts of Manipur 


 31. Number of students receiving financial assistance from college, university, government or other financial agencies


Most of the students belong to OBC/SC/ST
and enjoy free tuition fee and other financial assistances @ scholarship given by the government from time to time.

32.. Details on student enrichment

Remedial coaching, Group discussion and tutorial classes provided.

33. Teaching methods adopted to improve student learning

(a) Lecture methods
(b) Assignments
(c) Practical lab.
(d) Field trips and explorations for students.

34. Participation in Institutional Social Responsibility and Extension activities

The department were incorporated in the all the functions and events observed within the college.

35. SWOC analysis of the department and future plans


  • Effective tutorial system
  • Fair and cordial teacher-student relationship


(a)  Shortage of one teaching staff due to delay in  appointments by the government
(b) Inadequate class room, teacher’s cubicles laboratory equipments. Cartography, GIS, Remote sensing and digital equipments.


Broadband Internet facilities available


(a) Delay in appointment of faculty
(b) Limited Power Supply
(c) Political turmoil linked band and blockade etc.

Future Plans

(a) To P.G course in Geography.
(b) More Job-Oriented Enrichment  Programmes
(c)  Major and Minor Projects
(d)  International and National Seminar, Workshops etc.
(e)  Improvement of Library and Computer Laboratory of the Department

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