English language has become indispensible in the highly competitive globalised world. The language has slowly moved from that of second language to first language all over India. In Manipur, English is the medium of instruction in all higher educational institutes. Keeping the utility of English language, the Department of English of Manipur College accords its due place of importance in teaching-learning and other co-curricular activities.   The Department of English came into being   with the establishment of the College in 1958. The department has five (5) Regular and two (2) Part –time faculties.

Objectives: The objectives of the Department are to

  • inculcate the skills of effective communication in English.
  • introduce students to the study of literature.
  • promote excellence in English which is indispensable in this globalised a and highly competitive world.

Courses Taught:
The Department offers B.A General and B. A. English Honours courses. The department also provides Remedial Teaching under the sponsorship of UGC, NERO, Guwahati.

Papers Taught:
The following papers are taught in the following semesters:
    1st Semester -         General English I
                E1 – 101: English Literature: History, Poetry and Drama
    2nd Semester -         General English II
                E2 – 202: British Fiction
    3rd Semester -         E3 – 303: Western Criticism
    4th Semester -         E4 – 404: Linguistic and English Language

    5th Semester -    
1. EnH – 505: 20th Century British Literature
2. EnH – 506: Indian Writing in English
3. EnH – 507: Literary Theory
    6th Semester -    
4. EnH – 608: North-East Literature
5. EnH – 609: Commonwealth and American Literature
6. EnH – 610: European Literature in Translation


  1. L. Mahendra Singh, M.A. (Associate Professor) – HOD
    Specialisation: Language and Literature
    Teaching Experience: 34 years
  2. Smt. Ch. Jamuna Devi, M.A. (Associate Professor)
    Specialisation: Philology
    Teaching Experience: 33 years
  3. Dr. K. Ibemnungshi Devi, M.A. Ph.D. (Assistant Professor)
    Specialisation: Modern Criticism
    Teaching Experience: 30 years
  4. P. Birchandra Singh, M.A. (Assistant Professor)
    Specialisation: Language and English Language Teaching Methods
    Teaching Experience: 12 years
  5. Smt. Ratnabali Sanasam, M.A. Ph. D (Assistant Professor)
    Specialisation: Language
    Teaching Experience: 8 years
  6. Smt. Sangeeta Thokchom, M.A. M. Phil (Part-Time Lecturer) 
    Specialisation: Language
    Teaching Experience: 15 years
  7. Smt. L. Gunabati Devi, M.A. (Part-Time Lecturere)  Undergoing Ph. D at M.U.
    Specialisation: Commonwealth Literature in English
    Teaching Experience: 14 years

Recent Activities of the Department:
1.    Smt. Ratnabali Sanasam published a paper on “Point of View in D.H. Lawrence’s Women in Love” in Cyber Literature, Patna, Vol. XXVIII, No. II, December, 2011

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